The car of my dreams – Something to be ashamed of

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4 Responses to The car of my dreams – Something to be ashamed of

  1. Jim says:

    Dear Filip,
    You are quite right about the early Virage. Mine is car number 12 and manual gearbox in Rolls Royce Blue. I bought it three years ago and have done over seven thousand miles. Took the cats out as they are not required before 1992 here and It goes really well. I asked a successful racing driver friend to take it around a local race track which is very demanding and not suited to big cars but he came away very impressed with the car and found nothing wrong with brakes (which were nearly on fire by the time he finished!), road holding, wheel arch fouling (so they said in the original road test) or performance. It is of course more a cruiser but a very comfortable one and you have every right to lust after one! And what a bargain they are relative to other Astons. A proper hand built car which took 1600 hours to make as opposed to the modern cars at 2-300 hours. (DB7/9) All those metal bashing skills, the engine with the builder’s name proudly displayed in brass on the cam cover. The engine wheeled across a busy main road from body shop to engine shop.They all took such pride in their work. Work that cannot be taught the easy way.
    Men go for all the bulges, louvres, big wheels and spoilers as on the Vantage, but I find women love the purer shape of the earlier car. Less threatening perhaps!
    Go and find one before someone discovers them!
    If you are ever in England, send an Email and if all is well (fine weather preferable!) I will give you a ride as a reward for all your hard work in searching out the truth in the darker corners of the globe!

    • Thanks a lot Jim for your cool comment! Wow, you own an early, manual Virage! I sure would like to take a ride in it, just love that model. It’s odd that car journalists don’t like it, not fair at all. And also a bit of a shame that most were ordered with the slow, 3-speed auto. So you really hit the jackpot – manual box and Rolls Royce blue on top of it! I wish you many more happy miles in your Aston /Best, Filip

  2. Jim says:

    Just read your disturbing but thorough report on the genocide in Rwanda. It is disturbing how we can sit in our middle class insulated luxury and selectively ignore these events. As you say the UN was formed to stop genocides ever happening again. This needs a lot more reflection and I hope that it does come to light if the French are taken to the Hague and all is revealed to the World.
    Meanwhile keep up the good work, I shall be following your reports
    All the Best Jim

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